Want to get wild on your honeymoon? What can be a better idea than a combine tour to Tanzania and Zanzibar on the planet? Safari beach honeymoons are being more and more popular for newlyweds. The blending of Tanzania-Zanzibar, a twin center itinerary, offers couples the opportunity to combine romance, adventure and relaxation in their once in
a lifetime outing. The mountains, the jungle, the animals, the warm weather, the lovely native women, the exciting native African culture, the drums, the dance, the food, the fun, everything seem to be perfect for a memorable honeymoon for all through the life.

At present Tanzania has become the 1st choice of the honeymoon makers from the USA, Mexico, Canada, China and Russia over who want to have some exclusive private moments thousands miles away from the bustling cities and immerse with the nature and natural wonders like lush forests , mountains and the deserted white beaches. Soaking with the sea, sand and sun, or trekking along the rocky paths of Kilimanjaro or watching the lion covered Serengeti, feel every young heart with sensation which would help in bringing the life partner more closely. Game viewing in Northern Tanzanian National Parks like, Tarangire / Serengeti / Ngorongoro Crater  and Lake Manyara would take the couples to a fascinating world where there is no law and limit. The dance on the beats of drums with the locals would make them intoxicated



honeymoon-safari.jpg8  Days Tanzania Romantic Honeymoon Safari, Spice Tour combined with Stone Town City Tour


6 Day Tanzania Honeymoon Safari

honeymoon-safari-3.jpg7 Days Tanzania Honeymoon Safari  to Stone Town City Tour + Zanzibar Spice Tour + Prison Island Boat Trip