What is a Budget Safari?

A budget safari in Tanzania remains an incredible and authentic experience of obtaining close to the animals in their natural habitat. Don’t let the word “budget” put you off when researching for that excellent trip in Tanzania. Choosing a budget safari doesn’t mean in the least that you just can see less animals, or receive a lower quality service. From my very own experience, our guide went above and beyond to confirm that we saw all the big 5 that we did. As an experienced guide, he selected routes less inhabited, that created our experience additional personal. You’ll be surprised on however crowded Serengeti parkland is, even in low season!
One of the things that defines a budget safari in Tanzania is that you are sharing the car with different travelers. On a luxury safari, you’ll have your own driver and vehicle. Once choosing the budget possibility, you can expect different excited safari goers to attach you. A car has half dozen seats, thus there are quite six people in one car.

When it involves accommodation, on a budget safari you’ll be sleeping in a tent, in a camp. Depending on that company you are travelling with, the camps are often inside or outside the national parks. To be honest, sleeping in a tent within the middle of the grassland is kind of special. Throughout my budget safari in Serengeti national park, we had wild animals visiting the camps nightly. It’s quite special to hear the roaring of the lions thus near to you, to hear the hyenas trying to induce into the bins at night, or nearly feel the breath of the zebras grazing simply outside the tent. You don’t very get that in a luxury resort.

When it involves an itinerary, after you book a budget safari, you have a set itinerary that you just can’t alter. On a luxury safari you can decide where you want to travel and the way long you wish to stay in one place. Also, on a basic safari you’ll lose time on the road, as driving from Arusha or Moshi to Serengeti takes nearly the entire day. On a luxury safari you’ll usually fly directly to Serengeti national park that has an airstrip for small aircraft.

Tanzania Budget Safaris inside the National Parks!

Want to experience the “Wild Africa” in an authentic way? A Tanzania Budget safaris is for you! Tanzania Budget safaris tours packages are the most pocket friendly compared to Tanzania lodge safari packages or Tanzania Luxury safari Packages. Many of our visitors choose to stay in tents in order to be close to nature and to the National Parks’ beautiful landscapes.

clients who choose this option will have their tents assembled for them each evening and collapsed again in the morning by our staff, with the tents being packed away and stored on the vehicle, for use again the following evening. Tanzania Budget safaris tours are rewarding experiences because visitors feel like they’re participating in a real Africa adventures, but still have all the services of safari drivers, guides, and a chef to take care of all their needs. While on Tanzania Budget safari you will have a chef who will be preparing delicious fresh foods for breakfast, Lunch and dinner.

An amazing Experience: We regularly receive feedback from guests that they were surprised to be able to enjoy such high levels of service and care, and that the experience was a great deal more comfortable than they anticipated! In the Tanzania Budget safari, tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, chairs, tables, cooking wear and other camping equipment are provided by Africa Joy Tours

Thinking about safety while camping inside the national parks with wild animals? Well be assured that it’s very safe as we have armed rangers patrolling and guarding the campsites at all times.

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What will a Budget safari include?

A budget safari includes identical things as a luxury one, the distinction is simply in accommodation, number of people and freedom in choosing your own itinerary, as explained above.
A budget safari can include the following:
• 4×4 transport
• Basic accommodation in camps
• 3 meals on a daily basis
• A guide and a cook
• All the park fees
• Bottled water

How is the jeep on a Budget safari in Tanzania?

This is a difficult question to answer because even if most safari companies are using identical type of Land cruiser vehicle for the safaris, some are in better shape than others. You would like to do an honest analysis to make a decision which might be the most effective company to travel on a safari with. Notwithstanding if you’re on a budget or luxury safari, the vehicles ought to supply identical comfort and safety. The only jeeps are that different belong to the very expensive resorts within the National Parks, and people open up completely allowing a 360 view (and feel).

I went on my safari with African Joy Tours and also the vehicle we were in was comfortable and fashionable, with a charger and an electric refrigerator within the back. The roof of the jeep popped up therefore we could see the animals better, and there have been handlebars all-round the roof to carry on to whilst the vehicle was in motion.

How are the Camps on a Budget Safari?

The camp accommodation on a budget safari is kind of comfortable. Different companies have differing types of tents, a number of them even have beds. My tent was quite big, that means that I could stand up inside it. It has windows likewise as a rain cowl that was very helpful in Ngorongoro, where it rained the entire night. The bed was a mattress on the ground that was amazingly quite comfortable. The safari company I went with, Africa Joy Tours, provided us with warm sleeping bags as well, that were a blessing in Ngorongoro, where it was cold.
The camps are quite basic but very clean. The toilets and showers are shared but they are kept clean. Some of the camps even have hot water!

You need to know that electricity is provided through solar panels and might not always work. My strategy was to charge my power bank within the car, during the day, and then use it during the night to charge my phone and my camera. This way I didn’t have to use the electricity in the camp.

You might additionally wander if it’s safe to go to the toilet during the night, when camping. Honestly, i would not recommend it. We had hyenas “laughing” at 2am in the morning simply outside the tent. We were advised that if we do ought to move to the bathroom in the middle of the night, to slightly open the tent and move a flashlight around for a couple of minutes. Animals don’t like powerful light-weight sources. However, my recommendation would be to only not drink an excessive amount of beer for dinner, therefore you ought not to worry about lions chasing you on your way to the toilet.

How is the Food on a Budget Safari?

When you go on a budget safari, you’ll be in the midst of a guide and a cook. While you’re out exploring the national parks, the cook won’t only prepare the food, however he will set up the tents and also the tables.
You would be surprised on how delicious the food is throughout a budget safari. We always had a minimum of four different dishes and dessert for each meal. In the morning, the cook wakes up a minimum of one hour before everyone else and starts preparing breakfast: eggs, pancakes, toast, tea and coffee.
For lunch, depending on how far in the national parks you go, you either have the food packed in a to-go box, or come back to the camp. Our meal boxes were spectacular, with roast chicken, poached eggs, sandwiches, juice boxes and even muffins for dessert. There was always a fruit within the box too. Our second lunch in nature was at the picnic spot from the hippo pool, in Serengeti, our cook created rice and stew which he packed in thermal pots. He packed them in the car in the morning, and they kept hot till lunch time.

How Much Does a Budget Safari in Tanzania cost?

Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara and Tarangire Park, is meant to satisfy our customers budget exploring Tanzania park on camping style and get close to the nature. Our travel professional can work on your budget and advice the best public camp site on avoid the crowd and ensure you’ve got the unforgettable experience Tanzania wildlife Safaris.

All our camping gears like sleeping tents, mattress 3inch, back chairs and tables are quality a and can provide you with the comfortable keep throughout your Tanzania Budget safari. Our rating vary from $ 190-200 per person daily. Budget camping safari are often mixed with lodges or tented camps and can provide you with the simplest experience traveling in Tanzania.