Serengeti Migration Safari

The biggest attraction to the Serengeti is the Wildebeest Migration. A natural phenomenon like no other. It begins in the Serengeti National Park near the Kenyan border, when huge herds of wildebeests head for the greener grazing grounds of Kenya.  The Migration starts in April each year. The herbivores of the Serengeti migrate across the southern plains, closely followed by the predators including large prides of lions.
A Tanzania visit is incomplete without visiting this amazing park. The Serengeti home of the Wildebeest Migration is one of Africa’s true great parks.
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6 Day Migration Safari Serengeti Ngorongoro Crater – recommended from May to June

This 6 days Ngorongoro crater,Central serengeti and Western serengeti Migration safari is designed to increase your chance of seeing the great Serengeti wildebeest

5Day Masai Mara Lake Nakuru Sweetwaters

6 Day Ndutu migration Safaris – Recommended from November to April

Every year, the vast herds of wildebeest embark on a long-distance migration that coincide with the annual rain fall patterns and grass growth. Following the short rainy season in November, the herds of wildebeest arrive to the short-grass plains

6 Day Serengeti migration safari

By the end of April, the wildebeest migration starts to spread west across the plains towards the Seronera area (central Serengeti) and Western Corridor

8 Days Classic Tour Tanzania

This itinerary offers the ultimate safari through Tanzania’s most popular Northern Parks, revolving around Ndutu

serengeti migrations

4 Days Serengeti wildebeest migration safari

Approximately 1.5 million Wildebeest and Zebras annually migrate between Tanzania and Kenya. This is the wildlife orgy

9 Day Serengeti Wildebeest Migration Safari

A fantastic opportunity for Tanzania safari visiting the famous National park in Northern Tanzania at trekking Wildebeest

5 Days Serengeti Wildebeest Migration Safari

There’s no better way to see the Wildebeest Migration in action and see the amazing parks that have made Tanzania so famous like Serengeti NP.

14 Days Tanzania wildlife safari and Zanzibar beach

This is our typical sample for 14 days Tanzania Safari and Zanzibar. If you are planning a two weeks’ tour in Africa, you and your partners or for your family then this is the most ideal safari package.


10 Day Serengeti Safari and Zanzibar Beach Tours

Doing Safari in Serengeti Tanzania and Zanzibar Beach is a sure way to visit Tanzania and make the most of the short time you have and our 10 Days