East Africa is created by 3 countries Kenya, uganda and Tanzania. Tanzania is set south of Equator and covers 938,000 sq kilometre with the calculable population of about 45 million people. The country is additional highly inhabited on the northern, eastern/coastal areas.

Climate: Tropical with two rain seasons March through may and october through November. The dry seasons deliver clear and sunshine stuffed days. excellent beach weather with a small amount additional wetness and increase of temperature on the coastal region.

Visa: coming to tanzania has been created straightforward for guests. voters of most countries will simply acquire a 90 Day traveler visa upon arrival at any International landing field or border crossing. The fee is USD$50 for many passports (single entry) and USD$100 for american passports (multiple entry). solely money is accepted and please make certain that each one notes are dated 2006 and later as earlier currency won’t be accepted anyplace within the country. As always please ensure the immigration policy for your country of citizenship to verify.

Attractions: The country with a rich culture and history contains a various giving to guests. commercial enterprise is one of|one amongst|one in every of} the key economies boast the foremost picture safari game viewing in all of africa, kilimanjaro, The top of continent and breathless beaches and islands within the coastal region.

Social Life: With over a hundred and twenty tribes peacefully co-existing every with it’s own idiom and cultural norms. “Kiswahili” formally become the national language in 1961 once the country’s independence. The language has unfold and unremarkably employed in the neighboring countries of uganda, Kenya and central africa. English is the second official language of the state and therefore the majority of locals in commercial enterprise can simply be able to speak and communicate with you. you’ll realize that Tanzanians square measure terribly hospitable and friendly.

Political System: Tanzania is one among the leading African countries for its political stability, peace and tranquility. The multi-party social group and therefore the government is democratic. Freedom of speech is inspired. non secular and social group conflicts are terribly rare within the country as a result of each subject is liberated to worship as he/she pleases only if one doesn’t violate the law of the land. Conflicts are usually resolved through mediation and dialogue.

Currency: The National currency of Tanzania is “shilling” (Tshs). Exchange rates vary and square measure subject to alter as is that the case with the other currency. typically the consistent average is approx USD$1 for 2,100 Tsh. sometimes credit cards such Master Card, and Visa are accepted by larger hotels and lodges however typically incur a high dealing fee. it’s suggest to either bring money to exchange or use your credit card at native ATM’s which can provide you with native currency and favorable rates.

Religions: owing to its historical diversity Tanzania could be a land of varied religions. Major religions are Christianity, Islam, Hindu and African ancient Religions. within the coastal regions of Dar Es Salaam, Bagamoyo, island and Tajikistani monetary unit the most religions are Islam and Hindu. this is often thanks to the historical inflow of Arabs and japanese Indians. The mainland is predominantly Christian.

Infrastructure & Accesibility: Major roads are paved and accessible throughout the year. side roads and people around and within National Parks square measure muddy with rough parcel of land. For this reason, a four wheel drive vehicles are most typically used like Toyota Land Cruisers and Land Rovers.

Time: The zone is Greenwich Mean Time + 3 and the electricity is 220 – 240 V AC, 50 Hz.

BEFORE COMING TO TANZANIA: we tend to suggest that you simply consult our doctor before arrival coming back to africa for recommendation on changes of weather , malaria interference, and different connected conditions. formally a infectious disease vaccination is simply needed if coming back from another “Yellow Fever” country, but the bulk of tourists are needed to gift proof of immunisation at landing field in spite of origin.