Tanzania Safari Package

Our tried-and-tested Tanzania itineraries deliver once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Naturally, most of our Tanzania tours and safaris specialist in the country’s fantastic parks and reserves just like the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. however we tend to even have an excellent choice of tours to Tanzania’s lesser acknowledged nevertheless underrated reserves like Selous and Ruaha. Plus, the exotic Zanzibar and different Indian Ocean islands supply fabulous beach resorts. we tend to advocate obtaining the simplest of both: combining a Tanzania expedition and a tropical beach getaway – it’s easy and simple to rearrange.

An expedition for each form of Traveler

Tanzania offers a good vary of safaris for each initial timers and seasoned campaigners. the convenience with that a child-friendly expedition is combined with a beach vacation makes Tanzania a triumph for families, whereas the country’s most exclusive and opulent expedition lodges Associate in beach retreats play an haunting honeymoon in Africa. a lot of and a lot of lodges currently supply feeder and vegetarian meals to accommodate those with special dietary necessities. and plenty of camps are diversifying their ranges of expedition activities.
• Top selection for family safaris and beach breaks in geographic area.
• Authentic lodges and camps beam with exceptional service and panache of safari’s bygone era.
• Exclusive and intimate spots supply romantic honeymoon safari.

Browse our counseled Tanzania expedition itineraries or just get to bear with one in all our Africa Joy Tours specialists to assist tailor-made a Tanzania itinerary that matches your travel needs and budget:

Tanzania Safari Guide

A expedition done right needs in depth coming up with and issues before you witness big cats and majestic elephants. With the Tanzania Travel Guide, you may have a vantage on obtaining the holiday excellent for you from knowing the simplest time to go to to understanding travel supplying.

For the complete scope of data and inspiration, submit a visit Request to urge connected with one in all the world’s best expedition specialists.

Reasons you must opt Tanzania for Your Safari

Ideally placed on Africa’s geographical region, Tanzania offers a world of exploration and could be a destination to think about for your expedition.
Safaris and game adventures square measure the key focus for any traveler, with varied choices in location and opportunities to charm to any or all expedition inclinations. far-famed game parks subside to lesser-known reserves, with Bantu tradition found throughout each property.
With fantastic expedition choices complemented by the white sandy beaches of Zanzibar, you’ll be able to produce a expedition vacation that may leave you with recollections to last a period of time.

  1. Explore the best Game Reserves

The National Parks of Tanzania supply varied playgrounds, all making the perfect home ground for its most well liked inhabitants. The expanse of the Serengeti, the permanent Tarangire stream running through the park with a similar name or the magic of the Ngorongoro Crater created in a very crater. Lake Manyara brings splashes of pink across the lake because the flamingos gather and off the overwhelmed track reserves within the south, like Selous or Ruaha. The sights and sounds of the Tanzania expedition circuit’s impress, and therefore the quality of the expedition expertise is high.
The northern circuit includes the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Lake Manyara and forms the perfect Tanzania expedition. beginning go into Arusha, travelers start a real journey of a period of time. payment a minimum of 2 nights in every park permits safari-goers to expertise not simply the unimaginable life, however conjointly a range of settings, sights, and sounds.

  1. realize Associate in Abundance of wildlife

Tanzania is understood for its quantities of animals. Parks and reserves teem with numbers of gnu, zebra, and bovid, to call a number of. they’re home to the large 5 then far more. The Great Migration brings the parks to life, and a range of life and birds firmly establish Tanzania because the excellent expedition destination. a number of the most important herds of plains game is found in Tanzanian parks, and witnessing them in their natural home ground is exciting.
Qualified guides grasp the territory and assure that expedition wishlists are consummated the maximum amount as potential. expedition itineraries will embrace early morning game drives or maybe a walking expedition or a hot air balloon at sunrise. several relish simply glancing out over the immense grassland from their non-public deck, wherever you may spot Associate in Nursing elephant coming back to drink at a close-by waterhole. day by day welcomes new activity and excitement within the bush, and the way you expertise all is up to you.

  1. Witness the Great Migration

The chance to examine the nice Migration could be a highlight for any expedition. Animals migrate year-around, with the nice river crossings presenting the “greatest show on earth” at peak times throughout the year. Watch thousands of wildebeest, zebra, and gazelle cross the Mara stream in June and July and come back to the beloved Serengeti in late spring. The migration could be a spectacle like no different, captured through the eyes of the soul and camera, witnessing this nice event is one in all the best moments in wildlife.
For those that want to create this incidence a highlight of their African expedition, set up your trip consequently. A year-around destination, the Serengeti puts on this spectacle a few of times a year. making certain you’re within the right place at the correct time needs some careful progressing to bring your probabilities of witnessing the migration within the best spot potential.


  1. Be in Awe of mount Kilimanjaro

Known as the world’s highest single free-standing mountain, Mt kilimanjaro could be a well-known icon of Tanzania and piques the interest of the many who visit. To catch a glimpse or lead off a climb to the summit is a wonderful addition to a expedition itinerary. The mountain is the tallest in Africa and includes 5 distinct climate zones, and hikes vary from easy to challenging. For those who reach the highest, it’s a pure celebration once one reaches the peak at Uhuru – swahili for “freedom.”There are many routes to climb, variable long and problem. Some like additional of a challenge, whereas different adventurers have their eye on the height and wish to make sure they create it as well as attainable. a private endeavor or a bunch mission, being within the hands of qualified guides and inspired on by friendly porters, the journey could be a prize itself. For those simply desirous to fill in awe, it’s a gorgeous moment to urge to the bottom to require within the magnificence of the mountain.


  1. Take a Beach and Bush Vacation

What better place to take a seat and replicate on your recent expedition than the Idyllic island of island. A game experience is renewing and thrilling, and when time spent on expedition, some downtime in paradise could also be quite appealing. a brief flight from either the Serengeti, Arusha or kilimanjaro airports makes this combination quite attainable.
Luxury resorts and shop hideaways expect a brief distance from Tanzania’s safari circuit. Unwind in paradise and see additional of what Tanzania offers through culture, cuisine, and a beach escape. pay your 1st night in historical Stone town to explore the spice route and the wealthy local art before moving bent on the coast for your well-deserved time out.


Big five Animals of Tanzania and where to see Them

Tanzania includes a immense and varied life showing off some fan favorites and introducing many less-known animals that decision the national parks home.
The idolized photos of a safari solely begin your story with distinctive landscapes, fascinating culture, and wildlife abundance completing the script. Witnessing animals in giant herds or recognizing the elusive species activity in the bush, any sighting is sure to thrill.
The following article will guide you on the life you’ll encounter in Tanzania, from predator to prey.

  1. Lion
    Lions are probably the most notable of Africa’s animals and stay the king and queen of their landscape. they are additionally the simplest giant predator to seek out, elegantly lounging without thought of activity. sometimes the scene could not be more revered, a lone lion peering out from Associate in Nursing elevated rock. typically it comes as a surprise, sort of a mating pair seeking solace in thick bushes. Nothing will prepare you for seeing a lion within the wild; they’re larger and broader than most anticipate, and there is a grace that belies their power.
    Where to see Lions: Serengeti park | Ngorongoro Crater | Lake Manyara park | Selous Game Reserve | Ruaha park


2. Elephant
The elephant is one amongst Africa’s nice symbols and inhabits most parks and reserves across Tanzania. One elephant is usually a powerful sight however seeing a herd provides you a splendidly intimate and enigmatic expertise. The bounty of trees naturally lures them to woodlands and denser savannah exploit proof of avid the landscape with uprooted trees and agape pathways through the forest. Elephants square measure regularly on the move, following a matricentric structure and constantly searching for fresh foods. you’ll be able to get very close, the elephant towering over you in an exhilarating parade.
Where to see Elephant: Serengeti park| Ngorongoro Crater | Ruaha park | Tarangire National Park


3. Leopard
Leopards are onerous to seek out, which provides them a particular atmosphere within the wild and makes each recognizing a true treat. Elegant paws mutely explore the grass, an easy camouflage keeping the large cat from your read. stunning rosette patterns mark the fur, and that they are found all across sub-saharan africa, adapting to most environments. whether or not on an isolated tree on an open parcel of land or within the heart of thick dry land. Being solitary adds to the challenge of finding them, however small movements typically betray their camouflage or prowling as they examine their range.
Where to see Leopard: Serengeti park | Ngorongoro Crater | Tarangire park | Selous Game Reserve | Katavi park | Ruaha park

4. Black and White rhinoceros
Black and white rhinos are each truly grey or dark grey in look. each are equally attractive spectacles, gracious exemplars of Africa’s natural splendor. Black rhinos square measure smaller and distinguished by their hooked-lip, one thing that aids their browsing. These rhinos feed off tiny trees and bushes, with white rhinoceross nearly twice the size of a black rhino and preferring grasslands and savannah. The vulnerable standing makes recognizing rhinos even additional poignant. there is forever a fleeting feeling that these may well be the last generation of the majestic vertebrate.
Where to see Rhino: Ngorongoro Crater | Serengeti park | Selous park

5. Buffalo
Majestic in stature and quiet and still in nature, the buffalo roams the plains and lap the rivers in many Tanzanian parks. Male buffalo will stand up to at least one ton in weight, large, robust, and in command. They like to graze in an exceedingly sort of settings, from swamps to savannas and like to stay beside some herds listing within the a whole bunch and even thousands. rounding up the large 5 in sightings, recognizing a buffalo whereas in tanzania is a component of the essential expertise.
Where to examine Buffalo: Serengeti park | Ngorongoro Crater | Tarangire park | Selous park | Lake Manyara park

3 Types of Safari Accommodations and How to Choose

An African safari is defined by the properties you select. Most travelers have a thought of what they hope to visualize on a game drive, however few anticipate the quality and type of safari accommodation available. Across the continent, African safari accommodations tend to exceed expectations. Lodges and camps aren’t simply a place to sleep, however “art galleries within the bush,” shop areas that inspire and enchant with African influences and touches that can’t go unobserved. There are 3 options for the luxurious safari person, and good reasons to try all.


1. Safari Game Lodges

Safari lodges are classic places to stay, elevating the landscapes’ beauty with eternal panoramas and high levels of comfort. they are permanent structures, carefully located in a very prime location, complimented by their atmosphere, and often in lofty positions with commanding views. Being permanent, this is often wherever you encounter several traditionally luxurious extras, like time pools with a read or elegant bar areas and expansive restaurant terraces. As a really broad summary, lodges area unit a localized version of a hotel or guesthouse, with non-public bogs, spacious restaurants, and extras like swimming pools.
Why stay at a safari Game Lodge
• Amenities that almost all closely gibe a Western-style building, notably with equipped bogs with commonplace options and amenities.
• The possibility for larger teams to stay as lodge sizes vary with regards to the amount of rooms.
• Much like a building, guests typically have the selection of a spread of rooms, with deluxe or honeymoon choices.
• Lodges area unit found everywhere africa, in national parks, geographical area areas and personal reserves. they’re the foremost present of the continent’s accommodation options.



2. Luxury Tented Camps

Luxury tented camps are located in areas wealthy with life, permanent or semi-permanent operations occupation for an intimate range of guests. They use canvas tents on solid bases with massive beds and personal bathrooms, some extending bent on a private wood deck with an outside shower. Tents are high enough to stand well in and are equipped with all the finishing you’d expect from a luxury accommodation.
Why reside a Luxury Tented Camp
• Intimate accommodation that caters for a tiny low range of guests, typically located in prime life areas.
• Continued immersion within the wild, exemplified by regular life encounters And an redolent of soundtrack.
• Space and seclusion that is favored by couples and people seeking a a lot of exclusive expertise.
• Spacious canvas tents are furnished sort of a bedchamber, with non-public bogs, large beds, and luxury touches.
• Found throughout Africa’s expedition circuit in national and private parks and reserves.

off-the-beaten-path-luxury-safaris.jpeg3. Mobile Tented Camp

Mobile tented camps offer the last word immersion within the wild, temporary structures occupation to only one cluster of guests. there is a tempting intimacy, simply one or two of large tents amongst miles of abundant landscape. Some move with the seasons, pitching up in new locations keen about the rains. Others move each few days, providing very exclusive experiences and incumbent thrills. Like luxury tented camps, this is often not camping in its ancient sense. Space, comfy beds, great food, and heat showers area unit provided deep within the wilderness.
Why stay at a Mobile Tented Camp
• Ultimate immersion within the wild landscapes of continent, as well as intimate encounters with an entire sundry of wildlife.
• Exclusive and secluded, they sometimes cater to only one cluster of guests, creating them loved by friends and families seeking journey
• This may well be the sole obtainable accommodation on multi-day wilderness safaris, notably walking and horse riding safaris.
• Surprisingly high levels of comfort considering the remote location, complemented by a way of journey.
• Unique locations far from the regular traveler path, giving a really personal version of the African landscape.


We Can help you Decide

Africa delights in its inevitability, from buffalo herds fighting at dawn to many wildebeest rampaging across grass plains. just like the life that graces the continent, accommodation are often splendidly distinctive. Luxury tents hidden deep in nature, a tree house close beneath the celebs, or a lodge-style resort within or outside a game reserve. an assortment of distinctive and fantastic choices offer indelible highlights and continual memoirs to the beauty of African safari.