Shira Route

An off road vehicle transports climbers to the Shira gate, set at 11,500 feet, where the hike begins to Simba Camp. this can be a large altitude gain for somebody who slept at Moshi or Arusha on their previous night. Complications from altitude will occur because of failed acclimation.

The route takes six days minimum to finish, though seven days is suggested. The descent is down Mweka, within the south-east. as a result of the start line is way from Moshi and Arusha, it’s more expensive to climb this route because of the supplementary transportation cost of obtaining climbers to the gate. Scenicaly, Shira is gorgeous as a result of it crosses the spectacular Shira plateau, and so combines with the Machame route to share its viewpoints round the southern circuit. Shira has low traffic till it combines with Machame.

Shira is ideal for those who are assured in their ability to acclimatize to altitude, and failed over steeper paths for extended periods.

Along with the Lemosho route, the Shira route has all the qualities you may ask for in a kilimanjaro climb, as well as beautiful views and varied piece of land throughout. The Shira route, however, starts at associate degree elevation that is roughly a kilometre more than the Lemosho route! this suggests that climbers attempt the Shira route are at a better risk of developing altitude-related symptoms from the primary day.

As such, we tend to advocate choosing the Lemosho route over the Shira route. That said, we’re happy to advocate the Shira route to people who are seasoned high-altitude hikers or already live at a really high altitude.
The Shira route is for climbers who need a path that is scenic and exciting and who area unit able to alter quickly to the beginning point’s high altitude.

What is the scenery like?

Along with the Lemosho route, the Shira route is understood for being one of the foremost lovely kilimanjaro routes. The spectacular western approach offers trekkers the experience of hiking across the Shira highland, that is one in every of the most important high-altitude plateaus within the world. It additionally offers fantastic views of Shira Cathedral, a dramatic buttress of rock.

The Shira route offers a number of the most effective sunrises and sunsets on mountain peak.
One of the downsides is that you miss out on hiking through the actually lovely woodland band on the mountain as you begin you climb higher than the forest.

How hard is the route?

No kilimanjaro climb is simple, however the Shira route is one in every of the more durable climbs given it starts at a far higher altitude. this suggests that a comparatively high variety of trekkers fall victim to the effects of altitude right from the beginning. From Day three the route offers opportunities to ‘climb high, sleep low’, that assist you to acclimatize.

The Shira route is doubtless an exquisite climb, and with the proper kilimanjaro preparation it’s undoubtedly realizable. we tend to do but advocate choosing the Lemosho route because it offers an improved adaptation profile whereas not robbing you of any of the scenery offered on the Shira route.

What is the route’s success rate?

The Shira route does not have the most effective adaptation profile given it starts at such high altitude. while there are not any official statistics, the typical success rate across all kilimanjaro operators for the seven-day Shira route is around 85th.

How busy is the Shira route?

The Shira route is usually less busy than different kilimanjaro routes like the Machame route. you are free from huge crowds throughout the first number of days on the Shira route. You then be a part of trekkers hiking the Lemosho route on the evening of Day a pair of at Shira a pair of Camp, and so those hiking the Machame route close to volcanic rock Tower. this is once the crowds can get a bit larger in peak season.

What is accommodation like?

The Shira route solely offers camping accommodation. As a part of our Follow Alice climb package all of your camping equipment is included: tent, bag, sleeping mat and pillow. All tents are pitched and so taken down by our dedicated mountain crew throughout the trek.

How many days is that the route?

The Shira route will be completed in either seven or eight days. the additional day offers you longer to acclimatize. In our expertise, the majority who have completed the proper Kilimanjaro preparation and area unit okay with the upper altitude at the beginning of the climb, manage fine with the seven-day possibility.

What is the Shira route cost?

Africa Joy Tours offers the Shira route as a seven-day cluster or private climb. It prices $2,585 per person (based on double occupancy). This includes seven days on the mountain and in the future either side at our beautiful parter shack Moshi. For a lot of data on inclusions and exclusions, please read how much will Kilimanjaro cost?