How do in navigate in Tanzania? 

We strongly recommend installing on your smartphone before you travel to Tanzania. It’s a free app. Download the Tanzania maps and enjoy driving with GPS offline. Almost every lodge and campsite is plotted on

There’s something to be said for going totally offline with a good old fashioned map on your lap. The roadmap that comes with your rental car is not very detailed, but main roads are highlighted properly.

The biggest mistake travelers make is rushing and trying to cover too ground much in one trip. Have a look at our suggested routes page for a realistic assessment of what you can expect to cover during your road trip in Tanzania. You might get stuck after heavy rains, and a flat tire can be part of the adventure. If you are trying to estimate your Tanzania travel itinerary with Google Maps, increase the suggested travel time by 30%. Always carry cash, water and a charged mobile phone with you!

Although Tanzania’s asphalt roads are in good condition, you generally won’t reach more than 50 km / hour, due to the many speed bumps, the need to reduce speed when you’re passing through villages, and because you probably want to take a lot of pictures. Even the scenery from the highway is stunning! On gravel roads, you reach an average of 25km/ hour.