Mount Meru Trekking Tours

The trek to the highest of Mount Meru takes 3 to 4 days, and with our 2 trekking choices you’ll be able to decide whether or not you’d wish to tackle Meru at a quick or slightly slower pace.
Centered within the heart of Arusha national park, Meru watches over the park’s spectacular flora and fauna, yet because the near town of Arusha. Mount Meru’s fertile slopes rise higher than the encompassing savannah and are home to a range of life, together with nearly four hundred species of birds, however additionally buffalos, leopards, giraffes and completely different species of monkeys, like baboons and colobus monkeys. The chance for recognizing life in its natural surroundings is of explicit attractiveness for anyone considering Mount Meru trekking tours, and, for your own safety trekkers are going to be amid armed rangers the least bit times simply just in case the life comes a touch too shut.

Mount Meru Trekking Packages

Mount Meru Trekking Tour

Mount Meru is trekked all year around, tho’ the most effective time to tackle this mountain is throughout the season, from June to the start of March. If you’re considering a Mount Meru trekking tour throughout November or December you must expect occasional rains throughout these months. For the best views of the snow-capped rooftop of Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, we recommend planning your Meru trek for January or February.

At a height of 4,566 meters (14,980 ft), Mount Meru could be a dormant stratovolcano set in Arusha national park, 70 Kilometers (43 miles) west of mountain peak within the country of Tanzania. Generally Mount Meru Climb takes four days, however it is tired 3 days to complete a trek to the Summit.
It is visible from Mount Kilimanjaro on a transparent day, and is the fifth-highest mountain in Africa, captivated with definition. Climb Mount Meru, Second highest Mountain in Tanzania, is nice with no traffic and superb wildlife expertise as you hike past wild animals.

The climb to the highest of this volcano could be a fantastic one that leads Us through many alternative vegetation zones: from grasslands to thick and luxurious inexperienced timber, heath and plain on the knife fringe of the crater rim, and alpine desert.
As Mount Meru trekking is usually used as how of acclimatizing and warming up for the difficult trek up mountain peak, we tend to ar happy to supply combination treks of each Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. Whether or not you decide on to trek Mount Meru on its own or together with Kilimanjaro, Meru can enchant with it beautiful vistas of its surroundings and views of its massive brother, mount kilimanjaro, to the east.


Mount Meru Key facts

  1. Tanzania’s second tallest mountain at 4,566m
    2. Well-endowed wildlife sightings on day one of the climb
    3. Nice adaptation climb before grappling mountain peak
    4. Ascent and descent via the Momela route over 3 days
    5. Dormitory hut accommodation
    often used for adaptation and as a prolusion climb for Kilimanjaro, the second highest mountain in Tanzania is well price a climb in its claim. Mount Meru could also be called the tiny brother to Mount Kilimanjaro however it’s still the fifth highest mountain in Africa. Return Mount Meru trekking with Africa Joy Tours for associate expertise you may never forget!

Don’t Underestimate Mount Meru

While Kilimanjaro is taller and famous, mount Meru arguably still offers trekkers an incredible expertise. Mount Meru trekking takes you through completely different landscapes and offers its’ own beautiful vistas, and really, this mountain can’t be thought of small! At 4,565 metres high, Meru is associate imposing active stratovolcano that lost its whole eastern wall throughout an enormous explosion some 8,000 years ago. With an oversized mass of the volcano blown away, Mount Meru was given its spectacular horseshoe crater that’s still one amongst its most talked regarding options nowadays.
The steep slopes mean that Mount Meru trekking is much from straightforward, and with the additional distraction of the altitude, the trek becomes even more difficult.

Mount Meru Cost

The cost for a 3 day Meru climb is USD 950 Per Person and also the price for a 4 day Meru climb is USD 1050 per person. You’ll climb Mount Meru all year spherical and you’ll decide and choose your own travel dates however we tend to suggest you avoid the time of year. The simplest time to climb Mount Meru is January to early March and June to October.

Mount Meru Climbing Safety

  • Be open and honest with us in any respect time. We’re a part of a similar team and share a similar goal –
    • Never pretend to feel well if you don’t before or throughout climb.
    • Make positive you’re in smart physical and psychological state before making an attempt the mountain. We tend to suggest a medical check before any climb.
    • Most people will experience mild symptoms of altitude sickness. Your guide is experienced in identifying and dealing with altitude sickness but you should also educate yourself about the symptoms and prevention of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), High Altitude Sickness (HAS), High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE) and High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE).
  • Should you experience any symptoms of AMS, immediate descent is the remedy on Mt. Meru and will be ordered by your guide?

Before climbing Mount Meru

  • Start your physical preparation (hiking) a minimum of 2 months before. Decrease efforts the last a pair of weeks and rest the ultimate days before the climb therefore your body will recover properly. We tend to suggest long walks in several tract, swimming and yoga.
    • Start active deep, deliberate respiration. Strive Pranayama respiration technique or the other that suits your lungs.
    • Make positive you’re properly equipped in line with our packing gear list.
    • You ought to bring some “comfort” food, like chocolate and energy bars or energy drinks powder. You would possibly want this for a lift on summit night.

During Mount Meru Climb

  • Be positive and ready for any reasonably weather and surface – rainy, foggy, snowy, dusty, muddy, loose surface.
    • Ascend slowly. Don’t exert yourself.
    • Take deep, deliberate breaths.
    • Communicate brazenly along with your guide and follow his directions in any respect times. he’s the foremost fully fledged person on the mountain and there to help you in any respect times.
    • At high altitudes, loss of appetency is common. Eat and drink properly notwithstanding you don’t desire it.
    • Mount Meru summit day/night is hard. Steep ascent and sheer drops at some places, cold, wind and loose gravel surface would force your best efforts. Prepare yourself for this challenge and conserve mental and physical energy from the beginning. You’ll want it!
    • Don’t forget to enjoy! Feel connected to the mountain and feel the non-secular expertise offered to you.

Mount Meru Trip information

This is a good acclimatization trek to urge you ready for your Mount Kilimanjaro challenge. The general public begin to feel the results of altitude at around 3500m therefore the incontrovertible fact that you can be climbing up to 4562m over 2-3 days will facilitate get your body prepared. We tend to suggest taking a minimum of 2 days rest before beginning your Mount Kilimanjaro climb.

Food & drink

Staying nourished on your climb is completely very important, particularly once conditions square measure such you would possibly not need to eat or drink the maximum amount as you must. As a result of such a large amount of climber’s expertise a loss of appetency at altitude, our head cook has developed special menu plans that are appealing, healthy, and full of all the energy you wish to form it to the summit. By default, our meals embody recent meat, fruit and vegetables each day.


Breakfast is sometimes fairly hearty, and includes dish, sausage, eggs and toast with preserve or jam. Of course, you’ll even have hot drinks, typically a alternative of tea, occasional or chocolate. Let your guide grasp if you’re still hungry, or perhaps if you’re thinking that you’ll ‘pack in an exceedingly few a lot of bites’. Our cooks forever try and offer a lot of food than necessary to make sure everybody gets a decent meal.


Lunch is either packed for you, to hold in your haversack, or we tend to stop for a hot roasted lunch reckoning on your itinerary. A typical packed lunch could be a coddled egg, sandwiches, a little of chicken, crisps, snack bar, recent fruit and a drink.


Afternoon Tea is served at the tip of the day’s walking, once you get to camp. Additionally to tea and different hot drinks, there are many peanuts, popcorn, biscuits and snacks to assist restore a number of the energy you’ve simply burned off.


Dinners are quite filling. They typically begin with a pleasant hearty soup, so a main course like chicken curry, pasta Bolognese, contemporary vegetables, and many of rice, food or potatoes, followed by a luscious course like pancakes or banana fritters with syrup or Nutella!
On the climb we have a tendency to treat all the water that we have a tendency to provide to you for drinking with water guard tablets. Each morning we are going to refill your water bottles or association bladder with a minimum of 3 liters of water. As members of Travelers against Plastic, we have a tendency to don’t encourage the employment of disposable plastic water bottles. Any bottles you’re taking on the mountain should be correct, reusable drinks bottles.
Mount Meru uses a mountain hut system rather than tents. Rooms are tiny, sleeping four folks on bunk beds, however snug. Mattresses, sheets and pillows area unit provided by the park service however you continue to got to bring a bag.

Rooms have star power-driven lighting however no electrical sockets. Your meals are going to be served in an interior area

Your guide

On a typical day on the mountain, your guide can wake you up to a hot drink and heat water for a wash. After that, you’ll got to get your kit and alternative belongings packed. As you eat breakfast, your guides can temporary you on the arrange for the day’s climb and perform your checkup. They’re going to conjointly address any queries or considerations you’ll have.
When you attain succeeding camp, there’ll be plight for a fast wash, and hot drinks and snacks waiting. You may typically have time for a brief acclimation trek before dinner, wherever you may venture up to the next altitude and have an opportunity to urge wont to hiking in additional strident conditions before returning to camp for dinner and a rest. As we say, ‘walk high, sleep low’. When dinner there’ll be time for your second checkup, an interrogatory on the day’s climb along with your guides, and to debate something that may air your mind. If you’re having any bother or discomfort, please do let your guides recognize.

It is obligatory to trek with associate armed ranger on Mount Meru. many teams from completely different operators are going to be allotted to 1 ranger, thus despite the fact that you’ve got engaged your climb with Africa Joy Tours and that we are going to be providing the provision for your trip, you may be trekking on a daily basis with people us Africa Joy Tours . The pace that’s assault the climb is determined by the cluster.


We enforce employing a high normal of auto and driver for all of our transfers. In Tanzania it’s not a legal demand to own seatbelts fitted within the back of vehicles, and whereas we have a tendency to try and use vehicles that do have rear seatbelts fitted, this cannot continually be secured. If you’re sad regarding any side of the vehicle or the quality of driving, please speak to the motive force or our native workplace like a shot. Please note that it’s a typical incidence in Tanzania for vehicles to be stopped by the police to visualize the driver’s documentation and this will appear quite discouraging after you cannot perceive what’s being spoken. If your vehicle is stopped, this can be not a mirrored image on the state of your vehicle or your driver’s performance.


Africa Joy Tours operates associate fully strict limit of 15kg per porter for your main instrumentality bag. This limit includes your bag, albeit it is rented from us. This can be quite sufficient for your desires on the mountain. Your bag are going to be weighed before you permit the edifice to begin the climb and if it’s overweight you may need to take things out and leave them at the edifice.

How do I get there?

For climbers based in the UK or the US, it is best to fly to Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO). KLM flies to JRO from all of the major UK airports, and many of the larger US international airports as well. UK flights tend to leave early in the morning, transfer at Luchthaven Schiphol, Amsterdam’s main airport, and arrive at JRO late that same evening.

All of our tours begin at a town called Moshi, known as the gateway to Mount Kilimanjaro. Moshi is situated low on the mountain’s south slope, at an altitude of nearly 1000 metres above sea level. Moshi is only 25 miles from Kilimanjaro International Airport by car, and we will arrange transport from the airport to your hotel as part of your trek. Transport is generally available at any time, including the late evening or early morning, and takes approximately three quarters of an hour.

Moshi is an excellent choice for hotel accommodation during your stay, but it does fill up quickly during the peak season, so be sure to reserve your booking with us as early as possible. It is wise to plan a rest day after such a long flight to recover and prepare yourself and your kit for the climb, rather than planning on hitting the mountain the next morning.

Some UK climbers choose to fly into Nairobi via Kenyan Airways or British Airways. These flights are only available departing from Heathrow in London. Climbers arriving in Nairobi generally book a transfer flight to Kilimanjaro international Airport via Precision Air, Air Kenya, Air Tanzania or Ethiopian Airways.

We do not recommend flying through Nairobi, because Nairobi Airport is often uncomfortable, and transfer times can sometimes be very long. It also has a reputation for poor baggage handling and delays in transferring baggage between flights.

Turkish Airlines, Air Emirates and Qatar also fly into JRO now, but these flights often involve long delays and flights leaving late at night for UK travelers. However, climbers travelling from the US often report better service and experiences flying with Turkish Airlines, Air Emirates and Qatar, so we do recommend these flights from North America.

Vayama operates excellent flights to East Africa, including Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya or Zanzibar from JRO, and is a good choice if you wish to see more of this beautiful region before returning home. Many travelers schedule a beach holiday in exotic Zanzibar to rest up after their climb. We find the best way to arrange transport for that is to book your return flight out of Dar Es Salaam, then to Zanzibar on an internal flight, and eventually back to Dar Es Salaam for your flight home.

Fitness and training

Although Mt Meru is not as high or as challenging as Kilimanjaro, when it comes to training and preparation, the same rules apply.

Please take some time to read our Kilimanjaro Training Guide which is full of helpful tips on how to get physically prepared for a big climb.

Budget & change

The Tanzanian Shilling is a closed currency so you will not be able to buy this before you arrive. It is advisable to travel with US Dollars, as these are widely accepted. It is very important that US bills be new (post 2010), crisp and untorn. If you want some local currency to purchase snacks or drinks either at your hotel or on the way to the climb then we can take you to an ATM or bank. There is also a currency exchange as you go through to the Baggage Collection area of the airport.

If you are relying on a credit or debit card for emergency funds, make sure you tell your card issuer that you will be using it abroad, or you may find that it won’t work when you really need it.

Please Note that not all hotels can accept card payments so you may need to use an ATM to access funds.


We work closely with the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project for our Kilimanjaro climbs, and follow their recommended procedures for our Mount Meru climbs as well. To give you a guide, KPAP recommended tips for porters are in the range of $6-10/day per porter. For other roles we recommend $20/day for guides, $12-15/day for assistant guides and the park ranger and $12-15/day for cooks. These figures are per group, not per climber. The size of your crew can only be confirmed on the first day of the climb once all the bags and equipment have been weighed at the park gate. At the first camp you will be advised of the final number of crew and their position on the climb.

The tipping announcement will take place on the last night on the mountain when all the crew will gather together to celebrate with you. One representative from your group should say a few words of thanks, which will be translated by the lead guide into Kiswahili.

Due to recent thefts on Kilimanjaro, we no longer advise our clients to carry cash with them during the climb, so the actual tip money will be presented when you return to your hotel. Your group will be supplied with envelopes to assist with the distribution of tips – one envelope for the porters and a separate envelope that you can use to tip your lead guide, assistant guides and cook. Three porter representatives will come to the hotel to accept the tip envelope on behalf of all the porters, and they will distribute the money themselves. Tips can be made in US dollars or Tanzania shillings.