Full moon Kilimanjaro 2020 the Kilimanjaro full moon phases.The moon Summit Kilimanjaro on a cloudless full moon night is without a doubt an unforgettable


Summit Kilimanjaro on a cloudless Full Moon Kilimanjaro Climb night is without a doubt an unforgettable experience. The glaciers glittering in the moonlight is absolutely stunning. For obvious reasons the moonlight will also make the final night climb on your summit night easier and most of the time it will be unnecessary to even switch on your head lamp. In actual fact, planning your summit Full Moon Kilimanjaro Climb attempt to coincide with the full moon dates mentioned below would enhance your whole trek up the mountain, offering some magnificent night views of Kibo from most of the overnight camps.

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information given about Full Moon Kilimanjaro Climb in any of the above moon calendar. While every effort is made to achieve accuracy in this moon calendar, users make use of this information strictly at their own risk and are advised to confirm it with their own contacts before travelling.We have current Kilimanjaro group climbs for 2019Any  Group climbs can be tailored to be Kilimanjaro Charity Group Climbs.Please note the majority of group climbs do include acclimatization day- which will help your success.

2020 full moon dates

New moon First quarter Full moon Last quarter
22 December 28 December 05 January 13 January
20 January 27 January 4 February 12 February
19 February 25 February 5 March 13 March
20 March
Solar Eclipse!
27 March 04 April
Lunar Eclipse!
12 April
18 April 26 April 04 May 11 May
18 May 25 May 02 June 09 June
16 June 24 June 02 July 08 July
16 July 24 July 31 July
Blue Moon!
07 August
14 August 22 August 29 August 05 September
24 September 1 October 8 October
Lunar Eclipse!
15 October
13 September
Solar Eclipse!
21 September 28 September
Lunar Eclipse!
05 October
13 October 20 October 27 October 03 November
11 November 19 November 26 November 03 December
11 December 18 December 25 December 02 January

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